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"For only having two weeks rehearsal, Davidson is wonderful in the role (originated by Kelsey Grammer on Broadway), immersing himself as the character so the audience isn’t just thinking “that’s John Davidson!” (or “That’s incredible!”). He also sounds great in his numbers and even gets to really chew the scenery a bit as Hook. Overall, a really wonderful performance."


- Hotchka

"So wait a second: John Davidson - the Hollywood Squares host and the incurably wholesome crooner on too many variety shows to completely avoid - is far better now as an actor than he ever was as a TV personality or a singer??!? Capable of savagery and raw power? Watching the Charlotte premiere of FINDING NEVERLAND at Belk Theater earlier this week turned my long-held convictions upside-down ... theatergoers across the US from Rhode Island to Arizona should be on the lookout for Davidson's bravura."


- Broadway World

"John Davidson, a veteran of stage and television, provides a comical and steady presence. I love his performance. This part(s) takes a special type to enjoy themselves on stage and create a “villain” that you enjoy and love anyway."


- The Rogers Revue

"As Frohman, Davidson gets some of the best one-liners (“Children are like soufflés; pointless until they’re raised.”), but it’s in his scenes as Captain Hook that Davidson really cuts loose and seems to be having a blast."


- Greenville Online

"It was a delight to see John Davidson’s charisma shining through in this role. I remember him as a talk show host, but didn’t realize he had such a great voice!"


- Tui Snider

"John Davidson had the proper balance of crustiness and heart of gold as theater producer Charles Frohman and a good dash of bravado and swashbuckling as Barrie’s inner Captain Hook."


- Southington Observer

"Blustering producer Charles Frohman is played by John Davidson, known to audiences for his work on television and films (“That’s Incredible,” “The Happiest Millionaire.”) His roots, however, are in musical theater, and it shows. At age 75, he’s a force of nature as Frohman (and his alter-ego, Captain Hook)."


- Omaha World-Herald

"Adding humor, charm and quick wit is singer John Davidson..."


- The Herald Bulletin (Indianapolis)

Pirates improve any adventure tale, especially when the dastardly Capt.
Hook commands the crew of buccaneers...But none of the supporting players or the leads have the immense charisma of John Davidson as theater producer Charles Frohman and Capt. James Hook. A Hollywood veteran of film and television (he used to guest host “The Tonight Show”), Davidson dominates every scene he appears in. As Frohman, he delivers the best jokes with impeccable timing. When he transforms into Capt. Hook, he creates the perfect blend of genuine menace and cartoonish dastardly villainy — somehow he finds a halfway point between Snidely Whiplash and Jack Nicholson’s Joker.

- Boston Herald

"...and John Davidson (yes that John Davidson, game show guru from the '80s and '90s) is a major scene-stealer as both James' tough-talking American producer (think Jack Palance) and the Captain Hook of James' imagination."


- Cherry and Spoon

"And septuagenarian John Davidson (of “That’s Incredible!” and “Hollywood Squares” fame)  is a deft and nimble pro, delicately nibbling the set-pieces as Barrie’s stage producer Charles Frohman then seizing the scenery with his incisors as Captain Hook."

- Twin Cities Pioneer Press

"Davidson has some of the snappiest lines in the show and delivers them with spot-on wit and timing. He also shines in two of the production's biggest musical numbers, the vivacious and intricately choreographed ensemble piece 'Play,' and the show-stopping Act I finale 'Stronger.'"


- Broadway World

"John Davidson delivers a masterful performance — and most of the play’s funny lines — as the skeptical Charles and Captain Hook, the dark side Barrie needs to release to get his creative juices flowing."

- Palm Beach Daily News

"Davidson offers up highly seasoned slices of ham when he is decked out as Captain Hook to represent the darker side of Barrie’s personality, while his Frohman character benefits from Davidson’s canny comic timing, such as the way he refers to the suggestion that Barrie’s play become a musical comedy, which Frohman considers the lowest form of entertainment possible."


- Tulsa World