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I want to give a shout out to all of you who live in/around New England.

I recently experimented with performing in someone's living room for about 50 invited guests. Well turns out ... I loved it and so did they! It just went really well. So I decided to have this special page created for HOUSE CONCERTS. In case you are not familiar with this way of creating a special event in your own home, let me talk a little about this idea.

Probably the first thing to do is contact my smaller venue agent, Amy Malkoff, to find a good date and get some idea of my fee, and what I would need to best perform. Her number is 617.290.6749. Amy can also answer any questions you might have: What friends to invite, how many (around 50 average), what to ask them to contribute, whether to ask everyone to bring food or provide dinner yourself (you might consider making the event BYO, or just asking them to bring whatever they want to drink), where in your home there is enough space and some minimal lighting so people could see the concert, what time to have dinner and the show, where to put coats, where to park cars, things like that.

Many of you have been to some of my new singer/songwriter concerts in New England so you know what type of performance to expect, but a HOUSE CONCERT is whatever you want it to be. I'm there in your home for you. You might ask me to chose a particular type of song or joke that would be good for your specific group of friends. You can be quite specific. Remember, you are in charge of the event and you want everything to be perfect for your guests.

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