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Years ago, John Davidson created The JOHN DAVIDSON SINGER SUMMER CAMP, (JDSSC) for two summers on Catalina Island (CA). He co-wrote a book with The television producer, Cort Cassidy, The Art Of The Singing Entertainer, as the course of study, and it was later published by Alfred Music. Now, after fifty five years as a singing entertainer, he will offer a singers' workshop in the form of a masterclass at CLUB SANDWICH occasionally during the season. He may invite successful troubadours to join and share their ideas and tips.
Saturday, September 25, 7pm [TICKETS, $25] John Davidson Saturday night solo show [NOTE: a performance masterclass will follow this evening's show for anyone who is interested; no extra charge, but you must have tickets to the 7pm show]
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12 Main Street
Center Sandwich
Sandwich, NH 03227
(617) 468-8512‬
"Even though I have spent 55 years as a singing storyteller, I have more questions now that answers. I think it is healthy and productive to be constantly asking those tough questions: Why am I singing this song? What tools do I have that can help me move people with this song? What steps can I take to increase my impact and further my career? What is my relationship with my audience? Why should anyone care about this presentation? What do I want the audience to take away from my performance that will make them want to pay to hear me again? Why is my performance necessary? How can I manage my strengths and my weaknesses?
All these questions and more will be at the heart of The Masterclass. Whether you are a songwriter or not, your presentation of the material is what makes you special. My goal is to raise our awareness and respect for this unique art form: solo singing while accompanying ourselves with guitar. Together, with the help of this forum, we can all be better troubadours.” -John Davidson
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